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    Looking to have something a bit more suited to your riding style? Why not get in contact for custom maps and allow our race team experience to help you enjoy the power and performance from your Vortex Ignitions ECU.

    Please contact us with any questions via our email: sales@trakindustries.co.uk

    Before sending your Vortex ECU to be mapped, please complete our mapping form and send with your ECU. 

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    Map Selector & Fuel Trim Switch Operation

    The Vortex X10 ECU has 10 programmed power settings that are explained on the map sheet that is included in your box. By changing the position of the X10 Switch on the ECU, the user can change the type of power delivery for different rider styles or track conditions. See Map listing chart for explanation of the power type expected from each setting. In addition, there are three FUEL TRIM switches which will modify the fuel supplied to the motor through the EFI system. These switched are divided as follows: 

    LO: 5-25% Throttle ……(Like a Pilot Jet on a carburetor)

    MID: 33-66% Throttle ……(Like a Needle Jet on a carburetor)

    HI: 75-100% Throttle …..(Like a Main Jet on a carburetor)

    Each switch position is either + or - fuel in 2.5% increments. The base position is 5,5,5 with position 6 through 0 adding fuel (richer) and position 4 through 1 subtracting fuel (leaner) from the selected X10 map. For example, if a fuel trim switch is on position 6, then 2.5% fuel is added to the selected map in that throttle opening. If a fuel trim switch is in position 3, then 5% fuel is subtracted from the selected map throttle opening.

    NOTE: The “LO”, “MID” and “HI” switches are fuel trim based on throttle opening and NOT RPM.

    NOTE: It is not advisable to go leaner on any setting unless you are an experienced engine tuner. Air/Fuel ratios greater than 15:1 can cause engine damage.

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