VP Racing Fuels Additives

VP offers an extensive line of the best fuel additives and octane boosters on the market. VP is prevalent at the most prestigious race tracks across the land. There’s a reason we are the World Leader in Fuel Technology®.

Our technologically advanced additives boost engine performance and extend engine life. As a result, they help you avoid costly and unnecessary repairs and keep your engine humming. Treat your ride right and feel the difference of ultimate VP protection!

VP Fuel Additives – For All Your Needs:
  • Octane Boosters – increase horsepower
  • Fuel treatment – keep your fuel injectors, pistons, and valves clean
  • Diesel additive – a complete diesel fuel conditioner. Cleans injectors and pumps, increases fuel mileage, restores power, and more.
  • Coolant performance – decreases coolant temps and improves the flow of coolant.
  • Transmission additive – extends the life of automatic transmissions.